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Would you like to reduce the cost of conducting your election?
Would you like to Increase your voter response rate?

With our online voting service you donít have to make that choice!
Because our service is both Simple and Inexpensive

It's Simple:
  • Create your own ballot
  • Members cast their own votes
  • Results are reported automatically

  • It's Inexpensive:
  • Just $99 per election
  • That's just 99Ę per voter for your first 100 voters.
  • After that, the price-per-voter drops!

  • How to Conduct a Successful Election
    For Executive Directors and Election Administrators
    Download our e-Book for a guide to conducting your next successful election

    "Build a Ballot and Try Before You Buy"

    For pricing information, call 301-871-1505
    or email

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